Technical Editing

In a competitive world, it is critical that your written documents represent you as professionally as possible. In selecting our technical editing service, you will benefit from our editor’s broad education in science and engineering followed by a decades-long career comprising experience in many aspects of the lighting industry, as well as experience writing and editing technical documents. She will review your proposed articles, educational materials, and/or marketing materials for technical and English language (word choice, grammar, punctuation) correctness and appropriateness. The type of document and its intended audience are always important considerations during this process.
The considerations listed below describe the features and qualities that our technical editor will look for and ensure that your article, presentation, brochure, or other document has.
• Organization and flow: Is your message clear? Is the approach logical? Do your photos and graphics support your message?
• Technical clarity and correctness: Are you using the right terms in the right ways? Are your citations complete and formatted correctly? Are your mathematical expressions correct, and are they displayed correctly? For example, are italics used correctly; are you capitalizing where appropriate; are you using proper symbology and proper abbreviations?
• English clarity and correctness: Are your grammar and punctuation correct? Are you using the right words to properly convey your meaning? For example: affect vs. effect; assure vs. insure vs. ensure.
• Consideration of intended audience: Are you explaining the terms appropriately for your audience? For example, are you explaining technical concepts to a non-technical audience? Do you want to include (or avoid) mathematical terms and explanations?
• Consideration of type of publication: Do you want to convey formality or familiarity? Are you writing an article, or an educational PowerPoint presentation, or a marketing brochure? Each will require a different approach to the presentation of concepts and ideas.