Lighting Design Consultants

Lighting is the single most important design element, it defines the space and determines how people perceive and react to the space. Recently, the focus of lighting has been almost entirely on energy reduction, often at the expense of lighting quality. The very best method of achieving 100% energy savings is to get all the people out of the building, turn off the lights and lock the door. On the assumption that that is not acceptable, experienced lighting designers will carefully assess the user needs, and design the highest possible quality lighting, which achieves sustainability goals.

Sustainable design is the art of compromise. There is a tension between the three cornerstones of quality lighting: human needs, architecture, and economics and efficiency. The creative designer will incorporate all of these aspects in his or her design, to achieve a result that is economically and environmentally responsible, but, most critically, a space where people want to work and live.

The Lighting Agora can provide lighting design consultations. Our experts have extensive, award-winning experience in virtually all lighting applications, from family-owned retail stores, to landmark commercial buildings, to major art galleries and museums across North America.


Lighting Design Consultants - Lighting Design Consulting