Meg Smith

Meg Smith

Delivering the right light, at the right time, at the right place…for you!

Meg Smith is a user-centered innovation professional inspired by the power of lighting and AI to deliver added value to those who design, own, manage and occupy the built environments in which we live, work and play.

In 2022 Meg defined the scope of the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility (DEIA) lighting application research which supported the Signify L-Prize technical team’s winning prototype phase submission. The resulting two studies, conducted in collaboration with the Institute of Human Centered Design and Lighting Research Solutions, highlight the importance of innovation prioritizing configurable workplace lighting and control solutions to accommodate a range of stimulus sensitivity and individual illumination, comfort, and control requirements to support workplace performance and equity.

During her time with Signify Research in Cambridge, Massachusetts from 2014-2019, Meg engaged with an international team of colleagues whose expertise was as diverse as their national origins, ranging from lighting applications, standards and regulations, material safety, data analytics, and the emerging Internet of Things.

Meg had the pleasure of collaborating with Peter Gloor, then at the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence and MIT Sloan School of Management. The collaboration inspired work exploring the opportunities for innovation when pairing lighting control system sensor bundles with AI to predict activity such as a person at the whiteboard vs. a video meeting or identifying a posture signaling emotion such as a person leaning forward when they are engaged in the dialog or disengaged persons who may lean back. We used the sensor bundle data to predict the appropriate lighting scene to support mood and task. Meg was awarded a patent co-authored with Jin Yu related to our conference room sensor bundle research and product development.

Meg authored the research proposal awarded by the U.S. Department Of Energy for its DOE 2015 “Spectral Tuning in the Innovative Office” and led the Philips Lighting research team to successful completion of the work. This project utilized low glare highly efficient general area lighting paired with task-level illumination and personal control to meet the general area energy efficiency targets, leveraging the efficacy and flexibility of task-level personal control of tunable lighting.

Following the successful completion of the project, Meg served as an industry advisor to the DOE SSL programming committee and is a member of its Diversity Equity Inclusion and Respect (DEIR) subcommittee. She is a contributing author and voting member of the IES Light and Human Health Committee and an active, contributing author and member of the IES Sustainability Committee.

Meg is a NCQLP certified Lighting professional and is both a LEED and WELL accredited professional.


Present in person or virtual AIA compliant Education presentations engaging the audience in lighting issues related to the challenges of the evolving workplace and workplace equity.

Produce and present training modules appropriate for internal training to support new product release.

Provide market insights and prioritize targets of opportunity to internal design, product development and marketing teams to guide investment and maximize impact.

Spearhead “first to market” introducing innovative technology releases and applications approaches.