C. Webster Marsh, CLCP

C. Webster Marsh, CLCP

C. Webster Marsh, CLCP


C. Webster Marsh is the owner of Penumbra Controls, where he provides lighting controls design and specification for a wide range of project types.


Webster brings 14 years of applied experience with lighting and controls, and he enjoys using his wealth of knowledge in the architectural lighting design industry. Webster started out in theatrical lighting design, progressed to architectural lighting design, and therein found a passion for controls. Webster has worked on many types of projects big and small from airports to private residences.


Webster has also written and produced several documents, courses, and presentations about lighting controls from the perspective of a specifier.


Through Penumbra Controls, Webster offers design assistance for various project types, new construction and renovation, such as:


  • Airports
  • Commercial Spaces
  • Core & Shell
  • Educational Facilities
  • High Rise Buildings
  • Office and Corporate Buildings
  • Private Residences
  • Recreation
  • Religious
  • Roadways and Cities
  • Theaters
  • Warehouse and Industrial


Webster also provides project support such as:


  • Controls Design, Layout and Intent
  • Coordination Meetings
  • Dimmer Compatibility Testing
  • Document and Submittal Review
  • Live Custom Webinars
  • Master Planning
  • Mockups
  • Project Manual Specifications
  • Site Visits