Implementing Sustainable Outdoor Lighting Design

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Of course, we need light at night – to drive, to navigate pathways, to locate destinations, to feel safe and secure, to appreciate architecture, and even be entertained. But how much light do we need and when do we need it? What is the right quality of light that we need for a given application and location? Sustainable lighting design considerations provide valuable insight to some answers. This course will help identify some of the key elements of sustainable outdoor lighting design with particular focus on light pollution/dark sky initiatives. Basic lighting design considerations and trends in outdoor lighting will be reviewed. Recommended light levels and distributions consistent with the Model Lighting Ordinance (MLO) will be summarized. Examples of typical LED solutions for common outdoor applications will be presented as well as the opportunity for advanced lighting controls.

  • Learning Objective 1: Upon completion, the participant will understand the key elements of sustainable outdoor lighting design with an eye to aesthetics, safety and the welfare of all living things.
  • Learning Objective 2: Upon completion, the participant will have a better understanding of how to determine target light levels and distribution for typical outdoor lighting applications in different types of locations to ensure the safety of people without hurting the health of the environment by ensuring light is only placed where it is needed.
  • Learning Objective 3: Upon completion, the participant will better understand LED capabilities and benefits for outdoor applications with some specific luminaire examples. With better control we are able to put light where it is required for human tasks,
  • Learning Objective 4: Upon completion, the participant will be better able to identify high quality outdoor lighting solutions that best serve the needs of people and the environment.
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Sustainable Outdoor Lighting Design

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